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The fishing in Weymouth throughout the summer and winter can see some of the best action in the country with so many different species sat on our doorstep. We offer plenty of trips to try suit everyone’s fancy. These are just a small example of what we offer to give you an idea but if there is anything you fancy just let us know, also keep an eye on the deep sea life Callander for a more accurate look on what’s going on through out the year.

Flat Fish Fishing Weymouth

Flatfish Fishing

On our Flatfish days we spend most of our day on the famous Shambles bank drifting for Turbot or Brill.   Over the slack water period we will be drifting our local mussel beds for the Plaice, the best time to see some action for those red spotted friends (Plaice) is through April and May.  For this type of fishing you need to be extremely patient and understand you could be in for a challenging day feeling for those hard to tell flatie bites.

These trips range from £55-£65pp. Please go to our Skippers Rigs Page for our recommend methods and bait to give you the best possible chance on getting a few fish.

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Weymouth Boat Charter Big Fish Fishing

Big Fish Days

Now this is the trip we target some pretty weird and wonderful fish. On these trips we fish are inshore reefs/ deep holes and inshore wrecks all around Weymouth and Portland. Depending on the time of the year you can see all sort of specimens but our target on most of the trips are Congers, Rays, Bull Huss, Tope, Spurdogs and what ever fancies taking the baits.

If you are looking to try get a few fish for the table then this one isn’t for you as most fish will get returned. These Big Fish trips are £65pp and gear/ bait can be provided at £10pp. Please go to our (skippers rig advice page) for our recommend methods and bait to give you the best possible chance on getting a few fish.

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Charter Fishing Weymouth, Wrecks

Wreck Fishing

Weymouth has 100s of wrecks from inshore to offshore ranging from all different sizes and shapes, a lot sunk through the very sad ww1 and ww2 period. Wreck fishing can produce some brilliant Pollock fishing through out those winter months leading into spring ( December through till April) can provide some of the best results but that isn’t to say the Pollock won’t hang on longer through out the year, as we lead into early May through till July you should start to see a few Cod arrive on the wrecks but also at the same time you will always find a few Pollock a little higher up in the water and on those longer traces.

Take a look on are (Skippers rig advice page) for some more information to give you the best chance of getting those bites. All fish are stored in our insulated fish boxes on ice to keep them as fresh as possible then on the way home I will fillet and sort all the fish so you guys haven’t got to take any mess home with you, unless you wish to take the heads etc home for a stew.

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In Shore Fishing

Inshore Mixed Day (Mostly Targetting Black Bream)

Now on these days especially through those summer months we get extremely lucky in Weymouth and Portland with what turns up around the area and you can be extremely surprised with what can make an appearance some days.

On these trips we stay local to home up to 10miles from land on inshore reefs/ banks and the odd trip to an inshore wreck, we normally choose nearer the time on what we are doing to give us the best plan layout to get some fish on the boat. Species we typically see on these sorts of days out. Bream, Congers, Bull Huss, Rays (all types), Mackerel, Ballan Wrasse, Turbot, Brill. As the year gets later maybe a chance of Bass as well.

As the year gets later maybe a chance of Bass as well. For more information on these days please look on are deep sea Callander. Anything in Orange has spaces available and will tell you the type of fishing we are doing that day.

These days are perfect for a Beginner who fancy’s more than a 4 hour trip.

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Channel Islands 3-5 Day Trips ( Alderney/ Guernsey)

Fancy a fishing holiday but away from Weymouth then this is the trip for you. From late April all the way through to October we head South to the famous areas out from Alderney or Guernsey, in search for those very popular Turbot/ Brill on the sand banks then as we get later into the year the Bream, Bass and Tope start to make an appearance to give you all some great sport. But it’s not all about the fishing, after a long day at sea there are plenty of Pubs and restaurants to enjoy a few drinks in the gardens and a good meal before heading back to your bed and breakfast.

If you enjoy a good walk then feel free to have a day off and take a big stroll around some of the amazing history and sights it can offer (don’t forget the camera).  Or if you are a mad keen angler there is plenty of shore fishing in the day time or evening as soon as you jump off the boat.

Rough idea on Day Layout

  • Day 1 - Wrecks Pollock/ Cod on the way over
  • Day 2 - Chasing those flat fish
  • Day 3 - Tope/ Bream/ Bass
  • Day 4 - Chasing those flat fish
  • Day 5 - Back in the wrecks on the way home


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Local Porbeagle Sharks

Over the past couple of years we have been seeing plenty of signs of some good sized Porbeagle sharks arriving in Weymouth around July through till late October. We think they have started to come to the area more and more to chase the Mackerel and Bream what come to live on the inshore reefs through out the summer.

So on these specialist trips we provide all the chum ready made to go and we can also provide the gear if required. Please understand on these trips it’s not 100% to see or catch a Shark, it takes some anglers a handful of trips to catch one them self as this style of fishing can be a bit of a team work task.

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Dartmouth 3-5 Day Trip

The very Popular and new Dartmouth adventures a harbour not often visited from any of our local charter boats so it’s extremely Quiet other than the visiting sailing boats that come into port. These trips offer the chance to do a bit of everything through out our time from chasing the Plaice on the famous Skerries banks to anchoring for some Sport on the Blonde Rays/ small eyed Rays, Bream fishing, Wrecks for Pollock/ Bass and even a chance on the gorgeous Blue sharks.

If you are a group of mad keen Shark anglers then we also offer an everyday chasing the Blues’s/ Porbeagles week.

Mixed trip layout

  • Day 1 – Black bream/ Mackerel
  • Day 2 – Day on the Blues
  • Day 3 – On the skerries for Rays/ Plaice
  • Day 4 – Either back on the sharks or on the Skerries
  • Day 5 – Pollock/ Bass on our way back home

Sharking Mad ( Based on 4 days)

  • Day 1 - Porbeagles
  • Day 2 - Blues
  • Day 3 - Blues
  • Day 4 - Porbeagles / Home
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4 Hour Beginner Trips

Fishing on a boat as a first-time angler or an angler who is very new to the sport can be a worrying task for some people, so here on Meerkat we offer 4 hour beginner trips aimed at people who have none to very little experience.

On these trips we supply all the gear/ bait and a hot drink on the way out, so all you have to bring is yourself and a camera to capture all the fun moments with your friends and family.

Our aim is to give you an insight into boat fishing, teaching you how to drop down and retrieve your gear, showing you how to detect when a fish is biting your bait (we prepare this for you) Please understand most fish we catch get released back after we take some pictures but if we do catch something worth keeping like Mackerel or Gurnards we can clean it for you so its ready for the BBQ when you get home, but only if you wish.

The total cost for these trips is £30pp with the above included, there is also no extra charge for lost gear. Well behaved children over the age of 8 are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Please note the full payment is required when booking a trip in advance either by bank transfer or cheque.

If you are down on holiday we can arrange deposits when booking, please also read the terms and conditions page.

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